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Meeting Notes

Overland Sertoma BOD Meeting at Mulligans Thursday October 18, 2018

Present: John Hanck, Randy Koerselman, Jeff Lasco, Dave Marcy, Richard Perry,
     Truman Sager, Harry Santner, Paul, Soraci.

Meeting Called to Order at 4:10 pm by Truman Sager.

Order of Business:  
 Members names, addresses, spouse’s name e-mail address, phone number will be on the Overland Sertoma web site in the password protected Members Area.  Members will have to opt out if they do not want that information on the site.
It was moved and seconded and approved to have a $287.00 matching payment to the Jim Smid Memorial Tournament.
The Youth Poker Tournament was discussed it was not approved because of lack of funds in the Sponsorship account.
A discussion of our Quorum policy was held and for the Board of Directors it will be eight (8) members present out of 15 Board of Directors members.
Treasurers Report: It was moved and seconded that Overland Sertoma accounts be moved to Adams Bank and Trust so Dave Marcy one of our Board Members at Large can give the accounts the attention they deserve.  Motion Approved.
The Town of Timnath event netted around $6,000 for the food bank. Larry Dunn will send a "Thumbs Up" article to the Coloradoan.
It was moved and seconded that $287.00 be given as matching funds for the Jim Smid Memorial Golf Tournament. Motion Approved.
The motion to support the Youth Poker event was not approved.
The car parking for the CSU Football games should net around $7,000 for the year. It has been a good project.
Motion to approve Treasurer’s report was Approved.
Richard Perry will review our club’s application form for funding requests and insert a line item asking what % of the need are they asking of us.  Also, we will ask for a Profit and Loss statement for any requests of $1,000 or more.
Sponsorship:  We have four main charities; Children’s Speech and Hearing, Coats and Boots, Superhero Underwear, Project Smile. Neighbor’s United has the Coats and Boots and Superhero Underwear in its organization.  We will try to have Children’s Speech and Hearing be included in the Houska Garage Band fund raiser.
There was a discussion of how many complimentary guest meals do potential members and wives get in a year.  It was decided that two meals seem reasonable.  So, it is said, So it is written.
Tent protocol:  We need a two-week lead time and the request can’t be weather dependent. I.e. "I think it is going to rain at our event…we need a tent." Or it is going to be sunny "lets cancel the tent". Fee will be $300.00, and we supply the man power.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. John J Hanck

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